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Corporate Information


Corporate Name: NEC Facilities, Ltd.
Head Office: NEC Annex 2, 22-12 Shiba 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo  (→MAP)
Established: December 26, 1966
Corporate name changed to current name on October 1, 2004
Capital: 240 million Japanese yen
Representative: MATSUSHITA, Yutaka  President and Member of the Board
Employees: 1600 persons as of April 1, 2020
Sales: 97 Billion Japanese yen (Fiscal year 2019 ended March 2020)

NEC Facilities - a leader in IFM

NEC Facilities is an integrated facility management (IFM) company established with the goal of providing one-stop solutions for managing facilities, from construction and operation through to consulting and service outsourcing. Since its establishment, NEC Facilities has been solely responsible for managing and operating the facilities of all NEC Group companies.


NEC Facilities provides a wide range of services related to constructing new facilities and reforming and moving old facilities, from planning and specifications creation support to consulting. Our proposals are comprehensive and cover many perspectives, including energy-saving and other environmental measures, security enhancement, and lifecycle management. All aspects of proposals fully consider facility operability.

Facility operation

NEC Facilities ensures the safe provision of lifelines such as power, water and gas. But more than that, we also provide valuable advice about how to reduce energy and procurement costs, enhance security measures, and create an environment that ideally balances economic efficiency with facility safety and security.


NEC Facilities uses environmental analyses and demonstration tests to carry out advanced system planning for implementing environmental compliance measures. These measures allow our clients to comply with all related environmental standards, reduce the usage of hazardous chemicals, and generate less industrial waste. We also have proprietary technologies developed specifically to help manufacturers of semiconductors, liquid crystal glass, and other specialist products comply with environmental laws and regulations.